Lucas CS-4

The Next Generation of Quintessential Microphones


In total honesty, we are in this to make a great and historical microphone, something that will someday be cloned itself...of course we all have to make a living, and we want to come out OK on this, but our primary goal is not 'only to make buckets of cash.'

We will have no dealers, no distributors, no middlemen, no advertising.

We guarantee only that we will make 200 of these CS-4 microphones.
If there is further demand, we hope to make a final total of 300...this will be a limited run.

The 1st 200 of the Lucas CS-4 Microphone will be available at a cost of $4490.

If you want one (or two, or three, or more), then get your name on our order list. We will contact you for a 50% deposit. When your microphone is nearing completion, you will be notified to pay the remaining balance, and to provide shipping instructions. The microphones will be delivered in sequential order, from the list.

Available Serial Numbers are enumerated on “The Story” page.

Email your order to:

We will personally respond to each email order, and set up payment by credit card, Paypal, wire transfer, or check.

Thank you!