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The most useful studio tool ever invented?



Invented by Producer/Engineer Terry Manning in 1989, and implemented by technical wizard Frank Lacy, The Lucas Deceiver solves the age-old problem of guitar recording which every engineer, producer and guitarist knows all too well. The electric guitar pickup is designed, quite logically, to be inserted into a guitar amplifier. This works just great, until someone decides to route the guitar to MORE THAN ONE destination, be it multiple amps, guitar synths, direct boxes, tuners, etc., etc. That's where the troubles start. The pickup is now not seeing the load it was designed to see, and tonal changes occur (usually at least a loss of high end). In addition, since grounding, or earthing, is rarely, by a happy accident, consistent between two or amongst several destinations, buzzes, hums, noises, OR WORSE magically appear! To make matters even "worser," most artists and production people today prefer to play in the control room, while their amp resides in the studio. In addition to all of the problems already mentioned, the long cable lengths which are often required further compound the problems.

The Lucas Deceiver solves these inadequacies in an elegantly musical manner.

On a 1-U rack space, one guitar level input is routed to four independent guitar level outputs. Each output is carefully buffered and isolated from the other, so that the guitar pickup is deceived into thinking that it is plugged directly into one guitar amp. Each destination is deceived into thinking that one guitar is plugged into only it. Each output is provided with its own ground lift, which will instantly solve most hums and buzzes at the flick of a switch. Each output is provided with its own phase reverse switch, which will instantly implement synchronised cone movement and in-phase recording of instruments plugged through it at the flick of a switch. Each output is provided with its own mute switch, which can save many a speaker cone and eardrum from damaging and annoying low-end unplugging-pop at the flick of a switch! In addition to these problem-solving features, each output is capable of driving a long cable length without loss! The Lucas Deceiver can literally save hours of valuable studio time on each and every session! More attention can be paid to the creative and musical aspects of guitar, bass, synth, etc., rather than to the time consuming, annoying, creativity-sapping solving of noisy, buzzy, hummy, out-of-phase, poor-sounding guitars.

We can't do anything about those G strings which never get, or stay in tune, or about the fact that an open string will show in tune, but as soon as you go up the neck, you've inadvertently modulated, but we can do one hell of a lot about those horrible tone changes, buzzes, noises, and line losses which are the bane of the existence of the recording engineer and guitarist. The Lucas Deceiver will pay for itself on every session you use it. Check it out today! Start enjoying happy time with your guitar!


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